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Clinic Cat

DJClinic Cat - Cornelius Vet

DJ applied for the position of clinic cat in November of 2011. After rigorous testing, including tolerance for bathing, medicating and general bothering from people and other animals, it was decided that he could stay. DJ’s sleep schedule keeps him from meeting and greeting clients during many hours of the day, but he’s readily available to purr on an available lap, hang out at the lunch table or supply a doctor’s chair with a layer of white hair. It’s a tough job….. but he takes it seriously.

Practice Manager

Jenny BarbeeJenny Barbee - Cornelius Vet

Jenny has worked in the veterinary field since 2005 where she started as a veterinary receptionist. She genuinely cares for both people and animals and still enjoys working at the front desk where she can be around both. She has been involved in animals all her life, both in work and in her personal life. Previously she owned and operated her own professional pet care business for over five years. She also co-founded Oregon Pet Sitters Association, the first association to set professional industry standards for professional pet sitters in Oregon. Jenny joined our team here at Cornelius in May of 2014. She shares her home with two German Shepherds, Aria and Ghost.


Torrey Dunsworthtorrey-200x260

Torrey joined our reception team at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic in September of 2014! She loves her job and our awesome clients! She has many years of experience in providing excellent client services and she has enjoyed working with people from all walks of life! She has worked in retail, banking, mentoring teens, as a laborer in a shake mill and even worked as a corrections officer. Animals also have always been a huge part of Torrey’s life. She was raised in Gaston where she was surrounded by horses, cows, dogs and other small critters. In 2013, her passion for animals drew her back to school to attend a course in veterinary assisting and a volunteer position at the local animal shelter. She loves all animals; any breed, large or small. She has two Quarter Horses, Angel and Oakie that she loves to take to barrel races! She has a particular fondness and affection for Pit Bulls! She loves the endearing nature and playful antics of the often misunderstood breed! She has worked to help the breed by fostering and rescuing them when she can. When she is not at the clinic, Torrey is quite crafty! She makes handcrafted lamps, vases, and soap dispensers! She also enjoys sewing, hiking with her dogs, riding her horses and spending time with family. She has two adult children and three wonderful grandchildren.

Torrey seems to truly understand the important relationship between people and their pets, as she feels the same way about her own family. We hope you will enjoy her natural way of providing warm and friendly care to both you and your pet. We are glad to have her as part of our veterinary family!

Gigi Meyer

Our receptionist and entertainer in residence, Gigi Meyer has been greeting clients and answering phones at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic since, well, we can’t ever remember when she wasn’t here! Many of you may know her outside the clinic as she has grown up here and remained in this area. She has spent many years showing and training horses, and also giving horseback riding lessons. She has two dogs, a happy Boxer mix named Lola and Brucey her loyal Chihuahua. A sweet kitty who thinks she is a dog, Mila. She also has a cute miniature horse named Joey.

One of her favorite past times is restaurant hopping and trying new places. She aspires to become a food critic someday! Christmas is by far her favorite holiday, though aside from Christmas, she isn’t that fond of winter. She loves the sun and cruising in her convertible.

When she’s not making sure all our clients and their pets are well cared for, she loves playing “Nonna” to her three adorable grandchildren. She and her husband Craig, enjoy hiking with the dogs, road trips, and of course restaurant hopping. She also is only slightly embarrassed if we spill the fact that she has a secret obsession with sock monkeys!

Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez joined our Receptionist team in June of 2018.  Diana has always lived in Cornelius, though as soon as she first started walking, she was always surrounded by many animals.  Her family has worked for many years at a local dairy farm in Forest Grove and Diana has many fond memories growing up and helping out on the farm. This is where she learned not only to love animals but also how to care for them. The dairy farm now depends on her to milk the cows and do a myriad of other animal related tasks.

In 2017, Diana attended Carrington College in Portland where she graduated with a Certificate in Veterinary Assisting. She made a wise choice and picked Cornelius Veterinary Clinic as the place she wanted to complete her externship, which is a required part of the curriculum for the Vet Assisting program. Diana enjoyed worked alongside our medical team and she also helped us at our Reception desk. Ultimately, Diana had decided her favorite job was in Reception; where she can visit with clients and their pets.  Diana has proven time and time again, that she is a hard worker and she makes our clients’ needs a priority. Another great benefit to having Diana on our team is that her second language is Spanish. It has been incredibly helpful to have a bilingual team member to help us improve our communication with Spanish speaking clients.

When not at the clinic, Diana is usually is at the dairy farm helping care for the animals there.  Diana is a busy girl who doesn’t have a lot of free time with working two jobs. She does say that she steals a few moments to play soccer with Lennox, her big silly Rottweiler, who also loves to chase bubbles!

We are very pleased to have this young lady as part of our veterinary family. We are sure she would love something else to do…so why don’t you call or come in today and meet our Diana!

Certified Veterinary Technicians

Deb WeitzDeb Weitz - Cornelius Vet

Deb joined our staff in 2001. During her years at CVC she has been Kennel Manager, Veterinary Assistant, Patient Care Coordinator and now is a Certified Veterinary Technician since taking her board exam in 2010. She has a dog, Filbert, and three cats, Hazel, Violet and Karl, that have all come to her during the course of her work at the clinic. Deb is known for her great cat handling skills and her exceptionally trained and entertaining dog. She says that the most rewarding thing about her job is to help animal patients through their veterinary visits as comfortably and easily as possible. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, quilting and spending time with her pets. For those that have seen Filbert’s repertoire of tricks, we assume some of that time is spent dog training as well.

Cheryl Theall Cheryl

Cheryl Theall grew up surrounded by animals on a ranch in Southern Oregon, so it was only natural for her to fall in love
with a career that is dedicated to animals. Through this love of animals, she sought a job at a veterinary clinic in the small
town of Lakeview, Oregon.

After being there only a year, she decided that she loved it and had made a decision to pursue a career in the field of Veterinary Technology. In January of 2015, Cheryl started an externship at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic, which is a required part of the curriculum at Portland Community College’s Veterinary Technician Program. After her three month externship she had proved to be a valuable member of our clinic team and there was a mutual decision to keep her as one of our own.

Cheryl went on to obtain her CVT in September of 2015 and we could not be more proud of her! Our practice manager once asked Cheryl to tell her about a time that she went above and beyond for a patient or client, Cheryl’s reply was, “I feel we should always try to go above and beyond!” That was the best answer we could ever hope for! Cheryl loves her career and enjoys caring for our patients and talking with clients. When away from the clinic, Cheryl loves her family time with her three daughters. Cheryl shares her home with her dog Molly, a blue heeler, two cats, Poppy & Simba and as an equine enthusiast, also often spends time with her horse Fynn. We are so glad to have her as part of our veterinary family!

Veterinary Assistant

Kindi WeisKindi

In June of 2014, Kindi joined our team at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic for a summer position as our kennel attendant and now she also works as an Vet Assistant too. Her hope at the time was to obtain some experience in the field and decide if she would enjoy the work enough to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Kindi found the position to be a match made in heaven, and with her significant experience and talent in handling, feeding, training and grooming we could not agree more! Kindi loves working at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic and will remain on staff while she attends college in pursuit of her dream. Kindi has grown up right here in Cornelius and has loved and cared for numerous pets all her life.

She often volunteers to take care of neighbor’s or friend’s pet while they travel. In her free time, she enjoys showing and training her two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Derby, and Bunny. For the last 8 years, Kindi has been involved in the 4-H dog program training and showing dogs. She is a Junior Leader of the Paw Power 4-H Dog Club where she was recognized for her excellence in mentoring others and was also awarded trainer of the year.

In 2014, she won Reserve Grand Champion at the State Fair in showmanship with Derby. In addition to showing her own dogs, she also has been entrusted to train and show several dogs belonging to others. Kindi intends to stay active in 4-H as a co-leader in 2015. We are very proud to have Kindi as one of our own and we appreciate the care she provides to our clients, patients and boarding pets every day at our clinic.

Haley Lipowski

Haley joined the Cornelius Veterinary Clinic team in September of 2019. Haley grew up on a small hobby farm in Banks, Oregon where she cared for the family’s horses, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs and cats! Just out of high school Haley started working in the veterinary field; starting in kennels but then her passion for the work has allowed her to grow into other positions within this field. Haley always knew she wanted a job where she could help others and so she truly enjoys meeting with pets and clients. She says she also enjoys the many challenges and rewards that come with the job. One of Haley’s favorite duties is taking X-rays! She is fascinated by this technology that allows our doctors a window into our patients; a powerful tool that aids them into making a proper diagnosis. She says it is not always easy to get a great image with our not so cooperative, squirmy patients, but she wants to be there to comfort and help them through the process. It is because of this interest that she is currently attending school at PCC where she is working towards becoming a Radiology Technician. For now however, we are glad to have as part of our medical team here at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic.

Though Haley loves dogs and cats, she is also an avid horse enthusiast and worked as a barn manager for a couple years. She enjoys riding and is currently competing in dressage with Romeo, her beautiful 1/2 Friesian & 1/2 Andalusian horse. She also shares her home with two German Shepherds, Axel and Bella. We shouldn’t forget her boyfriend, Daniel, who also loves animals and he loves anything railroad related and has a huge collection of hobby trains.

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