Cornelius Veterinary Clinic Helps Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Cornelius Veterinary Clinic Helps Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Clinic Update|November 19th, 2020                                           

Our goal is to be as welcoming and accommodating to our clientele and patients as we can. In our effort to aid in the safety of our clients and staff during this pandemic, we have applied a few temporary safety measures by:

  • Asking that all visitors/appointments call from your vehicle when you arrive.
  • We are now providing most routine and non-routine services to our patients. Please call ahead to find out what services are currently being offered.
  • Limiting how many people come into the hospital for any in-person visits. Euthanasia visits are the only in-person visits allowed at this time.) Please call us when you arrive and wait in your vehicle until we are ready to take you directly into an exam room.
  • Offering curbside services for vehicle check in/out for all the appointments. You may also choose to drop off your pet or wait in your vehicle. You then will be able to consult with our doctors by phone about the appointment.
  • Offering curbside services for your food & prescription needs when you pay by phone. Just call us when you arrive.
  • We are back to being open 6 days a week! Our office hours are:

7:30AM to 6PM Monday thru Friday

8:30AM to 4PM Saturday

9AM to 4PM Sunday

  • In accordance with the Governor’s request, we will be postponing some services and limiting people in the lobby until further notice.
Our Clinic is Servicing:
Sick & Injured Pets, Emergencies
Urgent Surgeries or Medical Procedures
Prioritizing Dental Care Due to Pain or Medical Necessity
Limited Number of Routine Spays, Neuters or Dentistries
Non-Urgent Surgeries or Procedures
Puppy & Kitten Vaccines
Rechecks (on a case by case basis)
Medication Refills Requiring an Exam
Overdue Annual Exams & Vaccines
Anal Gland Express (if pet has discomfort)
Euthanasia or Cremation Services
Limited Boarding
Postponing Non-Urgent Services:
Baths & Nail Trims
Things You Can Do to Help:
Use Our Online Store
Ask Us to Mail Prescriptions
Text, Email, or Call Ahead to Order Food or Prescriptions

Cornelius Veterinary Clinic wishes you all to stay safe and healthy!

Call or Text 503-357-2525

6 Responses to Cornelius Veterinary Clinic Helps Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

  1. Thank you all so much – a crazy time indeed – and of course, I am getting a puppy next week. I sent you an email in hopes of planning out what we can do, when, and of course I want to be compliant with your changes.

    I look forward to seeing you though – as puppies do need shots! LOL

    Stay healthy

    • Thank you! Congratulations on your new family member! We agree that it is important and urgent that your puppy gets vaccinations. Having a healthy puppy is essential! We are able to provide curbside services for puppies that need vaccines. We bring your puppy in the clinic, while you wait in the car and one of our doctors will call you to talk to you about your puppy. Please give us a call to schedule this, we are happy to help!

      Stay safe and healthy.

  2. My dog is due for his Boardella vaccine May 3. How long can I postpone this vaccine?. He is our only dog and is not exposed to other dogs.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Lisa,

      As of May 1st restrictions for updating vaccines have been lifted and we can now update your dog. For safety reasons we are still doing doing our curbside for most services. As for postponing this vaccine; your dog maybe lower risk since he isn’t around other dogs, but since this vaccine is only labeled for one year, we can’t not say how long those antibodies will remain beyond a year.

  3. Are you still planning on fully reopening on June 15th? My dog needs both booster shots and needs his nails trimmed badly. If you are opening the 15th he can wait, if not I need to try and find a groomer I can trust. Thanks for all you do!

    • Colleen,

      Yes, we are able to provide you dog with boosters and a nail trim. We still have the curbside protocol, which means, are still asking that clients to remain in their cars while we do the requested services.

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