Dr. Jeff Schutz


Dr. Jeff Schutz - Cornelius Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Jeff wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as he can remember, certainly long before he really knew what the job entailed. Fortunately for his current clients, he knew he needed to attend veterinary school and learn a thing or two before taking on patients. Jeff graduated from Michigan State University and then spent most days and many nights “slogging” around the dairy farms of central Wisconsin. You might think this would drive him to law or dental school, but this unusual doctor found he truly loved the work.

After 13 years Dr. Schutz and his wife, Janie, and 6 small children moved to North Carolina where he established a mobile practice covering the entire western corner of the state. He laughs about the series of diesel pickups, which served as his clinic, but the cost of diesel finally drove him to a dainty Prius. (Let your imagination work on that!) But, not just his clinic experience varied in size, he also got to experience working with animals of every size. Unless he is exaggerating, he even worked with elk and bison herds and claims to have mangled shins and toes to prove it.

Dr. Schutz admits, he never imagined he’d have the good fortune to end up in the Pacific Northwest, but when Janie was selected as the top candidate for Chief of Police for Forest Grove he sold his successful practice in North Carolina and they headed west. He is delighted to now be a part of the Cornelius Veterinary Clinic team, and is also happy for a transition to exclusively small animal work and a regular schedule. No doubt Janie and Jeff are both happy he is no longer on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. (It is now Janie answering those middle of the night emergency calls.)

Aside from enjoying the novelty of grandchildren, Dr. Jeff is a dog lover and a hiker. So, it is only natural he is really enjoying the Pacific Northwest and hiking with his two rambunctious Schnauzers. Rumor has it that he has a history of taking in stray dogs and Janie had to give him a limit – a limit which he is perpetually one over!

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