Pet First Aid Kit

• 3X3 gauze sponges
• Rectal thermometer(digital) and case
• Antibiotic ointment (“Quadratop”, Triple antibiotic ointment, etc.)
• Sterile non-adherent (“Telfa”) pads
• “Vetwrap” or “Coban” elastic bandage material
• Gauze, cast padding, or similar
• 1” roll adhesive tape
• Leash (inexpensive slip leash)
• Povidone Iodine(“Betadine”) surgical scrub or surgical prep pads
• Bandage scissors

• Flea/Tick Preventative
• Famotadine (“Pepcid AC”) 10 mg (1 tablet q 12 hrs /40 lb dog prn -vomiting)
• Loperimide (“Imodium AD”) 2 mg tablets – (1 tablet /40-60 lbs q6-8 hrs prn diarrhea)
• Diphenhydramine (“Benadryl”) 25 or 50 mg (1-2 mg/lb 2-3X/day prn allergic rxns) OR
• Clemestine HCl (Tavist) 2.68 mg tabs (1 per40-60lbs 2X/day prn allergic rxns) (avail in 1.36mg tablets for smaller dogs- 1 per 20-30 lbs 2X/day)
• Dimenhydrinate(Dramamine) 50mg (1 per 20 lbs prn motion sickness). May cause sedation.
• Any medications your pet is currently taking.

Optional Items to Consider
• Bottle of contact lens saline solution to use as eyewash
• Antibiotic eye drops or ointment from your DVM
• Rx “Rimadyl”,“Metacam,”, or other NSAID for arthritic dogs(consult with your DVM)
• Kelly forceps
• “Elastikon” adhesive stretch tape
• Emergency blanket

It is also a good idea to take a copy of your pet’s rabies certificate and microchip number with you and a photo. Remember to pack human first aid supplies for yourself also! Your first aid kit is a convenient place to carry Band-Aids, bandage material, sunscreen, etc.

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