More Pets Get Lost on July 4th Than Any Other Day of the Year

  1. Pet should wear a collar with an ID tag. Microchipping is also a great idea! Remember to update contact information with the registry if your pet is already microchipped.
  2. Take a current photo of your pet, just in case!
  3. If your pet is historically anxious, ask your veterinarian for suggestions! We carry several anti-anxiety items such as Feliway, DAP diffusers and Sileo.
  4. Walk your dog early in the day before fireworks begin! Also, make sure the collar is secure and your dog can’t back out of it. Ask our receptionist about martingale collars.
  5. Remind guest to not feed your pets table scraps as many foods that are okay for people can be toxic or harmful to pets. Keeping treats available at parties can help avoid this temptation!
  6. Going out?  Leave your pet at home! A safe secure crate or pet safe room with some gentle music playing can provide a secure place for anxious pets. Giving frozen treats or a stuffed Kong can also help ease anxiety.
  7. If you’re having a cookout, remind guest to close gates and placing signs can help remind them.
  8. Keep pets away from charcoal, fireworks, sparklers and glow sticks. Also keep in mind some pets also may try to fetch or attack fireworks!

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