SPAM! Why, thank you Darling!

Years ago our oldest daughter studied for a term in Australia. Prior to her return to the States she invited her little sister to join her for a two week tour of the continent, causing no small degree of angst for her parents. Upon their return they were delighted to present us with a can of Spam along with a few other delightful gourmet souvenirs such as Vegemite and camel jerky. We did not have to pretend to be surprised but we did manage to fake our delight!

This story came to mind as I was requested to write a reminder to our favorite people (our clients) about our “No Spam” policy and how we guard your email addresses in spite of everyone’s efforts to pirate them. We only use them for this newsletter, to send out reminders from the “Pet Desk” app. (if you chose to opt in for text and email confirmations for appointments and reminders) and some approved occasional updates from us. We did have one “leak” where Merial sent a coupon promo for HeartgardR to clients without our permission. That was our error as we had inadvertently given them permission by participating in another program with them and didn’t read all the fine print. We immediately pulled the authorization and learned our lesson.

We all get our mailboxes spammed daily and we hate that. We take protecting your privacy seriously. We don’t give your information to third parties, we don’t discuss your pet’s ailments with others, and we don’t gossip about you after you leave; …because that’s the way you deserve to be treated.

…..and I’m still planning to visit Australia but I think I’ll leave their Spam and Vegemite over there with them!

Dr. Bob

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