It’s our First Ever…. Rabies Amnesty Month! Extended through December!

We received many comments about our Rabies article last month. We feel so strongly that every dog and cat should be vaccinated against this terrible disease that we’re going to do something unprecedented. During December, any dogs or cats that are due for a rabies vaccination will receive one for free at the Cornelius Veterinary Clinic! That’s right!  If you’ve been putting off bringing in your pet, no matter what the reason, we’ll get her updated on her Rabies vaccination at no charge. No matter whether she’s due this month or, perhaps she’s never had a vaccination, now’s the time! This way, we can help insure everyone’s safety, both pets and their people, against Rabies and the possible inconvenience and expense of quarantine in the event of a bite exposure. This will also help owners comply with Oregon and Washington County statutes that require vaccination for all dogs over 4 months of age. We’d like to get every pet current on Rabies vaccinations!

Please remember that the Board of Veterinary Examiners, our governing board, requires a physical examination during the prior year before we can dispense prescription medications or administer vaccinations. So, if your pet has not had an exam for at least a year, a brief physical exam will be required.


And….in case you missed last month’s article, here are a few Rabies factoids for your consideration:

  • Every year 55-60 thousand humans die from Rabies infection!
  • Around 100 dogs and 300 cats get Rabies in the US every year. It is 100% fatal to those pets.
  • Dogs and Cats that are not current on Rabies vaccination and are exposed to the disease require a six month quarantine during which they cannot have direct contact with humans. Most owners elect euthanasia instead.
  • Rabies is present in every state in the country and around the world.
  • It is a deadly disease. Only 7 people have ever survived an infection.
  • The primary carrier in Oregon is the bat.
  • In other parts of the country, foxes and skunks are the primary wildlife carriers.
  • In Oregon, indoor cats have been infected by bats that have entered houses.
  • Rabid animals don’t always act “mad”, they just behave differently, then bite.
  • Dogs and cats get Rabies from wildlife. Humans most always acquire it from infected dogs and cats.
  • Vaccination of dogs and cats is essentially 100% effective!
  • Thanks to such good vaccination compliance among pet owners, there are only 1-3 human cases of Rabies in the US each year.
  • In 2006, after a surge in Rabies cases, the Chinese government killed an estimated 50,000 pet dogs before International outrage caused them to back off. One more reason to be thankful you live in the USA!
  • At the Cornelius Veterinary Clinic, Rabies vaccinations are FREE in December Yet another reason to be thankful you live near Cornelius, Oregon! Yeah!

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