Traveling With Your Pets

It’s summer! ….Road Trip!

Uh Oh! The cat just ran under the bed! But the dogs are in the back seat! Right, cats just don’t seem to share our enthusiasm for touring like we think they should, and maybe that’s ok. Most cats would opt for an alarm clock and a 40 hour work week long before they’d chose to go for an extended car ride so we usually opt to leave them at home. Pet sitters are a great option, or give us a call and Aunties Deb and Kindi will have a room ready for them here at the CVC!

We usually take a dog or three, so this article is geared more toward traveling with dogs. Besides their food, kennels, beds, and other supplies don’t forget the first aid kit! We usually combine our own first aid kit with theirs as many of the items are duplicates. A tackle box works well for me except that I have a duplicate one that has fishing tackle and once I grabbed the…. aw, never mind!.

Here are few tips that you might find helpful:

  • Tape an inventory list inside the lid of your first aid kit.
  • Include your veterinarian’s phone number so you can call for advice or a prescription refill if needed.
  • Customize your own kit to include items specific to your pet’s needs.
  • Always carry a current rabies certificate for your dogs. A photo is also helpful if your pet should get lost.
  • Most supplies are commonly available at your local pharmacy or at the Cornelius Veterinary Clinic.  Need help? Call us at 503-536-2487.
  • If you want to take a look in Dr. Bob’s First Aid Kit click the link!

Happy Trails,
Dr. Bob

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