• Dermatology - Cornelius Veterinary Clinic

Itchy pets are unhappy pets. Their constant scratching and chewing only worsens their plight. The resulting hair loss, infection, skin odor, ear infections and personality changes not only makes their lives miserable but it’s very frustrating for their owners as well. Hundreds of products are sold as treatments for “dermatitis” but most are of little or no value because the root cause of the problem has not been identified and treated.

Skin problems are the most common medical conditions we see at the Cornelius Veterinary Clinic. A myriad of causes such as allergy, parasites, immune-mediated diseases, infections, hormonal disorders and tumors can look remarkably similar. Skin cancers are especially worrisome because they are one of the most common types of malignancies. Fortunately, they have a very high cure rate if treated early.

What’s the other good news? The veterinarians at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic actually like to diagnose and treat icky skin! We have the expertise and diagnostic services available to find out what is causing your pet’s problem so we can treat it effectively. We can diagnose and help resolve most skin disorders during a routine office visit. Since many skin problems tend to be reoccurring, we feel it is essential that we work with the owner so that they can effectively keep their pet’s skin and hair coat healthy with a minimum of veterinary intervention.

We believe that pets deserve to have healthy ears and soft “pettable” coats and owners who know how to keep them that way!

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