Instructions For Petsitters

Great! You’ve located a trusted acquaintance or relative to take care of your pet and you’re finally off to the airport. You showed them the ropes, how much and when to feed, how often we go for walks, that favorite place on her belly she loves you to scratch and where the extra-fave bedtime snacks are hidden. Hopefully you left a list with your contact information and a local contact as well. Did you remember to leave the name, address and phone number of your local veterinarian as well? Good! Now here’s one you might have not thought about:

Before you leave, swing by our office and sign a very short form called “Authorization for Treatment in Owner’s Absence” and we’ll leave it in your file in case of an emergency. That way, if we are unable to contact you, your pet sitter can make medical and financial decisions regarding your pet’s care until we can contact you. We will always provide emergency treatment but don’t want to delay referral or major treatment decisions because an owner is not able to be contacted for an extended period of time. Unfortunately it happens. We want to be prepared just in case!

Okay, we’ve got your back. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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